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BlumLux "DNA" Rings Play Starring Roll in NBC's Life

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Early adopters of NBC’s new hit show Life have already become accustomed to the investigative acumen of “Detective Charlie Crews” played by Damian Lewis. But on last night’s episode, it was another shining star that revealed all of the clues! A set of DNA rings by rising star design house BlumLux played an integral roll as the “hero prop” that moved along the story line and helped the lead detective solve the murder in this buzz-worthy crime series.

The sleek 18k white gold and diamond men’s bands were selected because of their distinctive and unmistakably BlumLux style: refined and distinctive with an edginess that makes it decidedly sexy. Just as in real life, where BlumLux men’s jewelry helps express a man’s personal style, these rings set the lead characters apart so effectively that the rings actually helped solve the crime. Congratulations BlumLux!

Check out the debut of “The Give and the Get Collection” at
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Amgad's Colored Diamonds Featured in W Magazine

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Growing up, everyone has been filled with excitement upon looking up and seeing an arch of colors across the usually blue sky, at which point we have all screamed, “I think I see a rainbow!” This is how I felt, when flipping through the November 2007 issue of W Magazine I came across an article entitled, “Color Wheel: How to Buy Rare Rainbow-Hued Diamonds,” accompanied by a picture of a swirl of colored diamonds in different cuts and sizes. To make up this diamond color wheel, W used eight out of twelve diamonds from member Amgad, one of the leading wholesalers and foremost experts on colored diamonds. Vice president of Amgad, Jordon Fine is quoted in the article regarding how the shape or cut of a colored diamond affects its natural color from shining, although the article also covers sizes of existing colored diamonds, the origin behind colored diamonds, and the color diamond coding system.

Run to the news stand today, and pick up W to read everything you need to know about the bright world of colored diamonds.

Check out Amgad’s Brochure on to see amazing colored diamond jewelry!

InStyle Magazine Features Looks From Gossip Girl

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With the show off to a huge hit, it seems that Gossip Girl is generating all the right kind of buzz. InStyle Magazine Online now features the best looks from each episode and tells us – the fashion hungry – where to get the fabulous clothing and accessories seen on the leading stars. InStyle loved the 6 inch necklace from LupRocks member AngelaReneDesigns, and the multi strands bracelet from Luprocks member Kimberly Baker, all seen on Serena in episode two. Also featured in this episode was jewelry from member Judith Bright. Congratulations ladies! Continue to check out InStyle every Thursday to see what looks they loved, who from LupRocks made it on to the list, and where to buy all your favorite designs.

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Gabriella Francesca Designs Causes Commotion at MTV Movie Awards

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Though the evening was one filled with controversy, guests of the 2007 MTV Movie Awards were unanimously surprised and dazzled by gifts from Gabriella Francesca’s collection of exotic jewelry. Chosen by MTV, her of-the-moment jewelry gifted included her signature pendants and necklaces formed with jeweled cabochon stones and luscious 18 and 24 karat gold. Her bold design statements are set to appear on a celebrity near you soon, so take a look at the up and coming celebrity trends in Gabriella’s Brochure on

Trend Report - Cosmopolitan Forecast

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After attending the ever interesting and informative Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female, a jewelry and accessories forecast presented by Brooke Rosen Lucks – Associate Accessories Editor of Cosmopolitan, we have the inside secrets to keep you in the loop on upcoming jewelry trends. Follow these five trends as they pop up in your in-scoop trend magazines, on the streets of the big city, on the big and little screen celebrities you love to watch, and hopefully on you!

1) Lions, tigers, and bears. Oh My! Animal inspired jewelry is making a roar in the upcoming season. Besides the animals that have appeared in this trend before, try something unique with a pink diamond encrusted octopus by Christian Tse, the light and airy enamel and diamond dragon fly by Rand, or the silver and diamond insect by RedStart.

2) Futuristic and architectural designed clothing are filling the pages of our favorite fashion magazines. Compliment this new look with art-deco designed jewelry like the mixed metal and diamond bands from Fana, or eye catching cuffs from Kara Ross.

3) Follow the rule of the four B’s this season: Big, bright, bold, and beautiful. Make a statement with your jewelry choice like stand out rings from Daniela Swaebe or chunky bracelets from Alexis Bittar.

4) Big chunky watches double as a time teller and a bracelet. To perfect the time telling accessory look this season give your wrist a work out with big oversized rose gold watch.

5) Express your inner-self with your outer-wear. Adorn yourself in jewelry that makes a personal statement, and that can stand alone to go with that less couture dress you may have picked up while browsing through H&M or Forever 21. Alex Woo and Carolina Bucci both offer pieces that may show the sweet yet always fashion conscious inner you.

More Gossip Girl Placements!

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Gossip Girls continues to facilitate great placements for Luprocks members. Leading blonde beauty Serena, Blake Lively, wore a multi-strand beaded bracelet by Kimberly Baker and two pieces by designer Judith Bright in the second episode. Serena’s mother also wore a pair of white topaz & 14k gold-filled lots o’ rocks nugget earrings by Judith Bright. Like mother like daughter – well at least on TV – Judith bright seems to be generating very positive attention. Congratulations!!

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Boy Oh Boy! BlumLux Men's jewelry is HOT!

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This year, fashionista femmes won’t be the only ones catching the light with their high fashion jewelry. The Fall 2007 issue of JCK Luxury points the modern and stylish male in the right direction—the destination being Luprocks member Nick Blum’s designer line BlumLux. The glamorous yet masculine collection is perfect for any man trying to add a little extra “bling” into his life. BlumLux is featured in the cover article “Oh, Man” among a few choice men’s jewelry designers as a rising star to keep an eye on.

To see more BlumLux Jewelry on LupRocks, Click Here.

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Congratulations LupRocks Designers!

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Several Luprocks designers have made their mark in the predicted to be huge hit Gossip Girls. The ultra privileged Upper East Side leading ladies will be this year’s major trend setters, and we are so proud that they kicked off the season by sporting jewelry designs from LupRocks members. Blonde bombshell Serena wore a long earth-tone big bead necklace by Wendy Mink, and brunette beauty Blair wore a gold anchor charm necklace by Alexis Bittar. Also seen in the first episode on other young jetsetters was jewelry by Amy Levine, Marya Dabrowski, and Angela René. Way to go! Congrats on the placements!

Click here to find out where to buy the clothing and accessories worn by all the stars of Gossip Girls! This amazing site allows you to browse by character, episode, product, or brand.

Finally a site for all things fashion!

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Is your life one BIG fashion-obsessed emergency? Are you stumped on where to find the most sought-after styles? Are you suffering from withdrawal or simply clothes-minded? Then you need a dose of — a fashion and beauty email newsletter , daily blog and New York based personal shopping service clueing you in on what to buy and where to buy it… before its passé. Sign up for their free “Fashion Junkie Fix” email newsletter filled with timely fashion tips, sample sale listings, and exclusive discounts.

FashionJunkie’s mission is simple: to make the world a better-dressed place, one person at a time. Whether you just want to stay in the know about the swankiest stores, coolest clothing lines, and cult cosmetics, or you want more personalized help with a fun-filled experience of undivided attention and expert advice while shopping for outfits that work for your body and budget FashionJunkie’s help is just one click away.

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Successful Placement in Gossip Girls!

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The new series Gossip Girls set to begin this fall is already generating tons of buzz. Dare we say – Sex and the City meet The O.C. for the next generation. Luprocks member Marya Dabrowski got two placements in the upcoming hit series. The ring shown here and a beautiful necklace will be worn in the pilot episode by the beautiful leading ladies.

Check out all of Marya Dabrowski’s designs on her luprocks page.

LupRocks Featured in WWD!

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We’re excited to announce that LupRocks was covered in Wednesday’s edition of WWD. We’re featured in the “Memo Pad” section under “In The Bag.” We are truly thrilled that one of the world’s most trusted news sources for fashion thought we were worth checking out.

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Our Gossip Blog Choice of the Week!

Need a quick fix for that celebrity and fashion gossip we all crave. Check out Rechelle Tolinero’s always up to date and juicy blog “Celebrity Fashion Watch.” Rechelle dishes about the fashion choices – both good and bad – made by the celebrities we love and hate.
To see what Rechelle had to say about us and all your other favorite celebrities check out the Celebrity Fashion Watch.

Susan Ankersen Looking Pretty in "Ugly Betty"

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ABC’s dramedy series “Ugly Betty,” now in its second season, became an overnight sensation when it hit the small screen last September. And while it is unassuming “Betty” played by America Ferrera that has captured America’s heart, it is the glamorous background of “Mode” magazine and its ultra-chic employees that keep fashionistas tuned in each week. In its first season, jewelry designer Susan Ankersen made sure that fabulously mean “Wilhelmina” played by Vanessa Williams looked perfectly coiffed in an assortment of jewels from her eponymous collection. We’ll definitely be tuning in this September to see what pieces of jewelry from Ankersen’s collection “Wilhelmina” will wear while devouring her next victim in the upcoming season!

Yossi Harari Jewelry to Star in "Pink Panther"

case study image posted a product call in “Desperately Seeking” last week for the new “Pink Panther” movie staring the always hilarious Steve Martin and a very gorgeous Aishwarya Rai. One of the many designers to respond to the call was Yossi Harari, and it’s a good thing he did. Lup H.Q. just received word from the production office in Paris that the Gilver Cuff and Diamond Stick earrings by Yossi Harari will play a staring role on Ms. Rai in this sure to be hit movie! Congratulations Yossi!

LupRocks Accessories Set to Star in "Sex and the City" Movie

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Single women of the world rejoice!! The greatly anticipated “Sex and the City” movie is actually happening! Set to star alongside the fabulous foursome are Jewelry and Accessories provided by LupRocks.

It has just been announced that Chris Noth (Mr. Big) will be joining stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon in the film, which will be written and directed by Michael Patrick King. With the cast and crew shaping up, details of the plot are still hard to come by. No one knows for sure if Carrie will end up with Big, but we are positive that the entire cast will be looking their best thanks to LupRocks.

We are currently seeking out the most stylish and exciting accessories for this feature film. Become a Siren member of LupRocks to view our “Desperately Seeking” section and take part in this amazing opportunity!

Jessica Alba joins the cast of The Love Guru!

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August 8th brought exciting news to the film industry, when Variety announced that Jessica Alba has signed on to join the cast of The Love Guru, the new Mike Myers movie scheduled to come out in June, 2008. Alba plays a hockey team owner and the love interest of Mike Myers in this sure to be comedic hit.

Check out the full article in Variety.

Lup is outfitting Jessica Alba’s jewelry for her leading role. To see the jewelry request for this movie as well as all the other film and media opportunities were working on sign into your Siren account and check out our “desperately seeking” section.

Lazare Kaplan Million Dollar Ice Cream Cone in Modern Jeweler

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Though not technically a piece of jewelry, this fabulous Objet D’Art was featured in the pages of the August 2007 issue of Modern Jeweler. Teaming up with Bruster’s® Real Ice Cream™, Lazare Kaplan International has created a million dollar diamond-encrusted replica of Bruster’s® signature cherry vanilla ice cream in a golden waffle cone. The Million Dollar Cone consists of nearly 20 troy ounces of 18k white and yellow gold, a breathtaking 5.63 fancy intense yellow radiant cut diamond and a grand total of 636 Lazare Diamonds®. This one-of-a-kind diamond cone has a retail value of $1 Million and is for sale. All proceeds from the cone will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

To view Jewelry by Lazare Kaplan on LupRocks, Click Here.

Congratulations Nicole!

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During the busy week in August, when trade shows give way to the hot designers everyone will be talking about, new designer Nicole Landaw received meaningful recognition for her refined and ever-eloquent gold creations. Just days after Nicole’s unique gold and amethyst hoop earring was featured on the cover of – dare we say the ultimate nod – WWD, Nicole was awarded the 2007 Grand Prize Winner of the American Jewelry Design Council’s New Talent Contest. Also featured on the cover of JCK’s Designer Issue, summer 2007, as one of “six designers we love,” Nicole has quickly become a designer we love as well. Her use of space between beautifully hand crafted gold, is fresh and light, while her details, crafting, and designs remain prominent and stunning.

To view more Nicole Landaw on LupRocks Click Here

Jenny Yuen Featured in "Lucky"

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Now this is some fashion you can feel good about!

One of Jenny Yuen’s versatile,yet chic clutches appears in the pages of the September 2007 edition of “Lucky” magazine. The spread “Be Good While You Shop” features designers who contribute their profits to child welfare organizations such as The Children’s Aid Society and UNICEF. Jenny Yuen has lent a helping hand by donating 30 percent of the profits of her Cleo clutch to UNICEF.

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Primetime Couture

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Fashion is back in vogue on TV with “Cashmere Mafia” and “Gossip Girl.”
By Ginny Chien, Special to The Times
August 8, 2007

Carrie Bradshaw, watch your back. Come fall, the fierce career-minded femmes of ABC’s “Cashmere Mafia” and the catty Upper East Side prepsters of CW’s “Gossip Girl” are looking to supplant “Sex and the City” as the most fash-savvy show on TV.

With exec producer Darren Star and costume designer Patricia Field on the credit roll — both are “Sex and the City” alums — “Cashmere Mafia” is already drawing endless comparisons to the HBO favorite. The new series, premiering in November, also features a fab four, this time led by Lucy Liu, who plays an ambitious magazine publisher. (Another show with “Sex and the City” pedigree, the Candace Bushnell-penned “Lipstick Jungle,” promises to glam up the small screen too, but it won’t debut until next year.)

To read the rest of the article Click Here.

Amy Levine Jewelry Makes a Cameo in "No Reservations"

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This summer’s hottest romantic comedy, “No Reservations,” starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Patricia Clarkson and Aaron Eckhart will feature a gorgeous bracelet from Amy L. Levine designs.

Thanks to LupRocks, Amy Levine’s sleek and modern jewelry can be seen on Patricia Clarkson throughout the film.

Pictured here is the bracelet that can be spotted in the film.

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BlumLux Sizzles in "InStore"

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Congratulations to BlumLux, who has a feature in the pages of the August 2007 edition of Instore magazine.

The white gold Keef Morano Argyle Pendant is listed as an up and coming design in the world of men’s jewelry, proving that mens jewelry goes far beyond cufflinks and wedding bands.

The feature states that “dog tags stand out when gemstones make a stylish pattern.” Utilizing the memorable and timeless argyle pattern, BlumLux designs a pieces that is both stylish and sophisticated.

To see more BlumLux Jewelry on LupRocks, Click Here.

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Amgad Diamonds Featured on NBC's "Today Show"

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Style guru Stacy London appeard on the NBC’s Today Show on July 30 to showcase lingerie trends for brides. Part of their renowned wedding series, the segment featured four unique wedding night looks, from frilly to flashy and Stacy suggested brides can “update their engagement ring” by getting an Amgad canary diamond ring. Click Here to view the video.

To see more Amgad Jewelry on LupRocks, Click Here.

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Jewelry From LupRock Shines in "Interview"

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In the new film “Interview” starring Sienna Miller and Steve Buschemi, jewelry from LupRocks shines.

This drama debuted in theaters July 13th and follows the story of a journalist and a starlet who take on media, truth and celebrity.

Ms. Miller is glowing in her Alexis Bittar charm necklace in the photo.